Catastrophic wildfires in Greece: #HelpGreeceNow

Hellenic American Leadership Council

Please click here to donate to our Wildfire Relief Campaign and fund on-the-ground efforts in Greece.

The news and images coming out of Greece are heartbreaking. Wildfires in the suburbs of Athens and elsewhere have already claimed at least 74 lives, and at least 150 others have been injured, some critically. Thousands have fled their homes, with many jumping into the sea to escape the flames and smoke. The Hellenic Coast Guard reports it has already rescued at least 700 people. Entire communities have been burned to ash. Greece's interior minister describes the disaster as "biblical."

HALC, in partnership with Chicago Sister Cities International - Athens Committee, has launched a relief effort to fund the Hellenic Red Cross and others as they battle to save lives and rebuild communities on the ground. Please donate whatever you can right now

You've come together as a community before to help Greece: from fundraising for Olympic athletes to crowdfunding for children affected by the economic crisis. Now, we need your help again. We've raised $250,000 before, and I know that if everyone who loves Greece chips in $5, $25, or $50, we can make a difference once more:

Thank you for taking action,
Georgia Logothetis
Managing Director


Greece Wildfire Relief Campaign

Devastating wildfires have swept through the suburbs of Athens, resulting in at least 80 deaths and an unknown number of injured. Thousands have fled the fires, with at least 700 being rescued from the sea after jumping in there to escape the flames. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed. The fires are a "biblical disaster with human losses,” Greek Interior Minister Panos Skourletis has said.

This is a major catastrophe, and the people of Greece need your help. 

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31589336_1532450005134246_r.jpegPhoto credit: Costa Baltas/Reuters

This campaign is hosted by the Hellenic American Leadership Council (HALC) and Chicago Sister Cities International - Athens Committee. Both HALC and the Athens Committee are official, registered American non-profits. HALC has launched several relief and fundraising campaigns for the people of Greece before. We have close contacts with the government, with non-profit organizations across the country and with community leaders. We have an excellent track record of accountability, transparency and will make all fund disbursements public. HALC and the Athens Committee are not retaining a single cent of any funds raised: all funds will be distributed directly to help the people of Greece. 

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HALC works with registered, vetted nonprofits and other organizations that have a clear record of transparency, accountability and effectiveness. We are in the process of continuing our vetting but at the moment, 100% of funds raised will be directly distributed to the following vetted, approved organizations:

* Hellenic Red Cross (Ελληνικός Ερυθρός Σταυρός)
This organization is providing direct, urgent emergency relief to those affected, such as first aid, shelter, and more. 

* SOS Children's Village Greece (Παιδικά Χωριά SOS Ελλάδος) 
This organization provides support services to children. At least 23 children have been injured by the fires, some in critical condition. We will distribute funds directly for any medical care, feeding of displaced families, housing of displaced families or care for orphaned children. 

As your donations are dispersed, we will provide a full accounting of where the funds were distributed and how your donation helped. 

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Every dollar matters. We appreciate any size donation.

Awareness is the #1 priority right now. There is a lot of news going on, but the people of Greece are suffering and we need to get this campaign as much attention as possible. Please share this page on your social networks to help us crowdfund as much as possible so we can donate to as many organizations as possible. 

Main photo credit: Angelos Tzortzinis/AFP/Getty Images

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